The companies we serve spend 23% less on healthcare than the national average

Leading self-funded companies aren't accepting the status quo when it comes to employee healthcare. They're taking control with a smarter approach. See what's possible with a comprehensive self-funded solution that's driven by data, guided by experts, and customized for your business.

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Give your employees the healthcare experience they deserve

Your HR team and employees deserve better than the healthcare runaround. That's why we align each member with a team of trusted advocates to guide them through every step of their healthcare journey. 

The impact? Thousands saved on individual procedures and more empowered employees.

Drive outcomes that matter


Smarter Self-Funded Healthcare

Spend 23% less on healthcare

Companies spend 23% less per employee per year than the national average. 

Smarter Self-Funded Healthcare

Reach 80% of highest-risk members 

Over 80% of members facing high-cost procedures engage with Healthgram.

Smarter Self-Funded Healthcare

Reduce HR burden
by 30% 

Clients report a 30% reduction in time answering employee questions